Gulfia Bazieva, Ph.D. (Philos.), Senior Research Associate, Sector of Ethnology, Kabardino-Balkaria Institute of Humanitarian Studies (Nalchik, the Russian Federation).



The author analyzes the trends in literature and fine arts of Kabardino-Balkaria, the writers and artists of which address the republics past and folklore traditions; they bring together Western and Eastern traditions while following the worldwide art trends and taking an active part in artistic projects in other countries. She does not look at globalization as an inevitable evil that destroys ethnic specifics and artistic meaning, but argues that it creates a new cultural milieu friendly to local and global trends.

Keywords: Fine arts, literature, ethnocultural identity, globalization, Kabardino-Balkaria.


Today, it has become especially important to concentrate not only on the socio-normative and everyday transformations of society, but also on the processes going on in artistic culture, an important sphere of spiritual activities of any ethnicity. Cultural transnationalization, as one of the basic descriptions of cultural globalization and an economic, as well as cultural-civilizational phenomenon, is one of the globalization products. By transnationalization I mean the process of adding new axiological meanings to national cultures; the emergence of a new type of transnational culture with unified, mobile, and

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