S. Frederick Starr


Eldar Ismailov and Vladimer Papava


ESSAY 1.On Integration and the Conception of the Central Caucasus

Eldar Ismailov

1.1. Prehistory

1.2. Models of Caucasian Integration

1.3. On the Concept "The Caucasus"

1.4. Political Prerequisites of Economic Integration in the Central Caucasus


ESSAY 2.On the Integrationability of the Caucasus

2.1. A Short Excursion into History

2.2. The Contemporary State of Caucasian Integrationability

2.3. Types of International Integration and the Caucasus


ESSAY 3.The Central Caucasus: Globalization and Regionalism


3.1. Globalization and Regionalism

3.2. Regionalism in the Post-Soviet Space

3.3. "New Regionalism"

3.4. The Central Caucasus in the World Economic Community and Prospective Areas of Regional Integration


ESSAY 4.The Main Parameters of the Caucasian Economic Space


4.1. On the Caucasian Economic Space

4.2. The Central Caucasus

4.3. The Northern Caucasus

4.4. The Southern Caucasus

4.5. Comparative Analysis of the Parameters of the Caucasian Economic Space

4.6. The Caucasus in the System of Transportation-Communication Corridor


ESSAY 5.Special Features of the Economy of the Central Caucasian Countries

Vladimer Papava

5.1. On the Nature of the Post-Communist-Type Economy

5.2. On the Economy of the Central Caucasian Countries


ESSAY 6.Economic Interrelations in the Central Caucasus

Vladimer Papava

6.1. Opportunities for Strategic Economic Partnership in the Caucasus and Prospects for Forming a Regional Cluster

6.2. The Central Caucasus as a Transportation-Energy Hub

6.3. The International Factor in the Economic Development of the Central Caucasus



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