This volume is based on papers presented at the conference Political Islam and Conflicts in Eurasia, which took place in April 1999. The conference was organized jointly by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and the journal Tsentralnaya Aziya i Kavkaz. It was financed by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute. We are indebted to Torgny Hinnemo at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for his enthusiastic support of the conference and assistance in obtaining the necessary financial backing.

The editors are also grateful for the valuable contributions of Shirin Akiner, Gennady Chufrin, Sergei Gretsky, Märta-Lisa Magnusson and Bo Utas at the conference. Their comments are not included in the English language edition of this report.

We also want to thank Erika Gunnarsson for checking the Arabic terms used in the text and compiling the List of Arabic Terms at the end of this volume, and Billie Bielckus for checking the English of the edited chapters.

A Russian version of the conference papers was published in the journal Tsentralnaya Aziya i Kavkaz, no. 4, 1999.

October 1999
Lena Jonson and Murad Esenov

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